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In 2019…

E. L. Reedy —

Coming in 2019!
Coming in 2019!

E. L. Reedy — 

A saga that spreads over a four hundred years, from rural Iowa to ancient Europe. Gods. Devils. Unexpected heroes.
More info after the holidays!

The wait is almost over!

Sunday Thoughts

E. L. Reedy —

Good morning. It’s a beautiful Sunday, the sun is shining, and the cat’s are playing. I’m trying to ignore the rumble of the furnace, because the thought of it would shatter my fantasy! Been struggling with a chapter on our second Soul Dark novel for a couple of weeks now, but what I needed suddenly hit me.

Okay, not like a cement truck or anything, but more like an unsupervised toddler on their big wheel. After getting the thumbs up from an author we both highly respect (thank you so very much Mags!), we have picked an editor for Soul Dark Chosen and will begin that process soon.

W’ere still debating a bit, but it looks like we’ll be publishing our SD series through Amazon. And we hope to have news about our first publication date in Feb or Mar. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Indy Author Day

— E. L. Reedy

Had a blast yesterday. Made some new friends and contacts. Had some great visits with two of our bros. Donated a copy of Upon Broken Wings to the C.R. Public Library. No guarantees, but hopefully, if they like it, they might buy some copies.


E. L. Reedy —

Submitted today to Evernight Teen: Logline: A youth who has lost his faith, must prevent the Devil’s twin from entering the world and slaughtering all mankind.

Our World: God and his sister, the Goddess have an agreement to leave the world in the hands of men—they act only through their Chosen. The Devil has a brother, Belial, who seeks the end of all mankind, rather than just its corruption. Druids, who worship the Goddess—can radiate their Soul Light—the source of a druid’s power. It burns evil entities, but doing so can leave a druid Soul Dark—a state that leaves them open to possession by dark forces.
Fingers crossed!

First Live Event!

— E. L. Reedy

Do you live in Cedar Rapids or the surrounding area? Are you fee on Sat, Oct 13, 2018 Want to finally meet & greet the authors A. M. Wade & E. L. Reedy and author local authors? Want your copy of Upon Broken Wings signed? Or might you need to purchase an autographed copy ?
Here’s your chance! Come check it out and hope to see you there!

Indy Author Day – Cedar Rapids, IA Public Library