2nd work approaching

E. L. Reedy —

Mowed the lawn. (It was hot and soupy outside.) Have finished the first 3/4s of the 4th draft of the first book of our next endeavor. Want to give it a read? Post a review to amazon of our current work Upon Broken Wings then join our street team

July 4th and such

E. L. Reedy —

Hope you all had a great Fourth! Was hot and humid here of course, but it IS summer. Posted several new reviews this week, gathered from the 8th Reviewer Roundup, hosted by Kelli Smith @Totally Talented Promotions. Did some minor updates to the site and spent hours on edits and rewrites for our next book.

First Award for UBW!

E. L. Reedy and A. M. Wade —

Upon Broken Wings won a silver!

The Silver Award is bestowed on books that expertly deliver complex characters, intricate worlds, and thought provoking themes. The ease with which the story is told is a reflection of the author’s talent in exercising fluent, powerful, and appropriate language.

Literary Titan Silver Book Award

A busy week…

E. L. Reedy —

A ton of minor edits… Some new writing… My Sis in her first FB take-over. I did my 2nd review ever. Busy at work with a few new programs. Had my heart broken by an article revealing what two parents did to their ten year old boy when they learned he was gay. Politics and religious views aside. How can any parent murder their own child? I write YA fantasy and horror and yet, there is so much more real evil in the world that it just makes ones head spin.