Butterflies are zooming around in my stomach and fireflies in my brain.  I hope I’m a bit calmer tomorrow.  I don’t know if everyone else gets this excited before a book is released, but I am definitely revved up.  I hope our book sells, of course, but there is a more important goal for both of us.

We hope with all our hearts that someone who reads this story is moved to reach out for help and support when they feel they are drowning in pain and loneliness.   If just one person stays on earth just one more day because they saw the message of love and redemption, we will have achieved the greatest goal possible.

There is a lot going on in the story, but the main ideas is that no one is alone.  There are always going to be hardships and tragedies in one’s life, but there is always someone who has been there and can throw a life saver.  Reach out!

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