What do you watch?

E. L. Reedy —

Though I read high fantasy, old-school sci-fi, and horror, my favorite movies are those with deeply moving plots and characters. Most recently I thoroughly enjoyed The Book of Henry–about a boy with a plan to help a neighbor girl suffering from abuse, the problem being that due to an unforeseen event, it is his mom who has to carry it out.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, a sorrowful tale that shows that Karma can at times exact it’s punishment even on the children of people with truly evil souls was another tear-jerker, and it was so well done, I could see what was coming and still I doubted.

Probably the most powerful movie I’ve seen though was rather unpopular in the theaters–people expect easy plots, explosions, or gratuitous sex and death in many films now. The Tree of Life, Was three stories in one: the tale of a family in the fifties, the story of a man who has lost his way taking a journey to find a connection the the brother he lost, and a well-done take on the Book Of Job from the Christian Bible (which was basically an explanation of the Creation of the World).

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