What/who do you read?

E. L. Reedy —

Weis and Hickman, David and Leigh Eddings, Raymond E. Feist, Mercedes Lackey, Ed Greenwood, J. R. R. Tolkien, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Ursula K. Le Guin — these are/were only some of the masters who caused me countless sleepless nights during the original version of binge entertainment.

I learned the arts of sorcery from Belgarath himself, chased orcs over Middle Earth, learned that control of the Spice was imperative to controlling the universe. I was a pawn and paid the price with Vanyel and his Companion (Yfandes), I tasted Dandelion Wine with Douglas and his brother, Tom.

Movies are great, shows too, but the best form of entertainment remains our own imaginations. With books, the author tells the tale, but is we, the readers, who paint the pictures and live the dreams.

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